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Private Wine Cellars Co., Ltd. specializes in wine consulting,
cellar management and event preparation.

We established Private Wine Cellars Co., Ltd. as a private consulting firm to private clients and the trade, specializing in Hi-End and Fine and Rare Wines.  Fulfilling clients requests for hard to find wines.

We are consultants to many fine retail wine shops.  We act as consultants to buy and sell collections of fine wine.  Contact us if you are looking for a wine, you are unable to find, or if you have a collection you are interested in selling.

Our mission here is to provide the most professional and personalized service for your wine needs, whether for your home cellar maintenance or investment grade wines, in which we specialize.

It is our job to keep you informed of exciting new release and great values, as well as sourcing the "hard to get" California boutique or small Europe properties.  We have the best contacts in the United States and Europe, as well as all other wine growing regions of the world.

Arthur Glay
Senior Wine Advisor
Bruce Bartman

Wine Consultant
Miss Phinyada Phummaphan (Tu) (トウ-)
Business Development
Manager for Japan
Zou Chunye ( Lily )
Business development manager for Hong Kong and Southeast Asia